Meals at the Hvar Sport Resort can be enjoyed at the Pirat Restaurant on the summer terrace right by the sea, overlooking the sunset or sunrise. The cuisine is based on fresh food, which we buy from local farmers. The restaurant is open in the morning to enjoy morning coffee, homemade fresh juices, and our homemade Dalmatian brand products ( On the menu of lunch and dinner, you will find specialties from Dalmatian, Italian, Slovak but also Czech and Hungarian cuisine and the best selection of steaks in the area. In addition, you can enjoy fresh fish supplied by local fishermen. The restaurant also offers specialties such as roast lamb and roast pork, prepared on the outdoor grill directly at the resort.



Pirate Bar & Grill

You will not be bored with us even in the evening. The Pirate and Cocktail Bar with a ground-floor and roof terrace overlooks Black Bay, the opposite Biokovo Mountains, the Pelješac Peninsula, and the island of Korčula. There are several types of beer available. Pilsen drafts the basis. We offer a selection of white, red, and rosé wines from Croatia, Italy, Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia to wine lovers. We also remember the ladies for whom we have prepared different Proseccos and mixed drinks. For our kids’ customers, we offer homemade 100% fruit juice. The bar is open to clients seven days a week, from morning until late at night. Very popular among them are evening screenings of fairy tales and children’s films in our evening beach amphitheater in the fresh air under the open sky with popcorn, which children can get for free.

Drink menu
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Eels and frogs from the Neretva delta

In the waters of the lower Neretva (30 km from Drveník), river water mixes with seawater, brackish water forms, which is extremely rich in various species of fish. However, in this case, the attraction is not fish, but eel, which is a specialty of the local cuisine of the Neretva River Delta and is prepared in various ways.

Gourmets who like to taste new things and tastes will enjoy various regional specialties from eels, frogs, or games. You can look forward to frog legs prepared in multiple ways, eel bridle (a type of thinner goulash), frog risotto, hunting eels, and more.